1. Helped Me A Lot

    "I used this company to help with my huge loan debt, and they helped me a lot. The people that I worked directly with were polite and also very knowledgeable (Kevin and Melissa especially). I definitely recommend them for their professionalism and expertise."…Read More

    Robert G.
  2. "After receiving a letter in the mail regarding student loan forgiveness, I decided to see what it was about. Although I was hesitant at first, David was able to answer all of my questions and reassured me this process was legit. He was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. I am very pleased to know that my loans will now be forgiven after 10 years and my monthly payment was decreased."…Read More

    Lindsey W.
  3. He Put Me At Ease

    "I just got off the phone with Jessie, my enrollment specialist and could not be more pleased! He was so helpful and polite! He put me at ease by making sure I understood the programs available to me and encouraging me to take full advantage of them. Jessie made the enrollment process smooth and painless. I'll forever be thankful to him!"…Read More

    Bridget A.
  4. Exceptionally, Helpful and Knowledgeable

    “Manuel was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. He not only took all the time needed to walk through my current plan and all of its financial implications, he explained in great yet simple detail all of the fincial implications. Of entering the program with Federal Student Loans Council & Ture Solution. I am incredibly grateful I called him, and he deserves a promotion.”…Read More

    James B.
  5. Very Professional

    “I spoke with Denzel, he was very professional and helpful in walking me through the process of changing my loan provider. Denzel also, made clear to me the pitfall of my current loan, things I was not aware of. So, thanks to Denzel.. Continual to be patient and professional.”…Read More

    Levi R.
  6. I’m Elated!

    I’m so elated to know this burden will soon expire unpaid!…Read More

    Wilhelmina T.