Hello, and welcome to our very first blog here at True Solution! We are a team of financial experts specializing in student loan forgiveness and refinancing. Let’s face it, it’s more difficult than ever to make it through higher education. According to College Factual, 50% of students pursuing an undergraduate degree graduate in six years. Students that choose to go to school full time often find themselves in so much debt after graduating that they’re left with a lifelong burden they can’t seem to shake. Alternatively, students who work and go to class part time often feel like they’ll never graduate or achieve everything they’ve set out to do.

Our highest priority is to set you up with a loan repayment plan that will work for you, allowing you to focus more on your career and goals, and less on your debt. Let’s take a look at a few of the topics our future blogs will cover.

Financial Planning

Managing your personal finances is no walk in the park. Whether you had some money saved up before college or you had to take out a loan to cover it all, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about your financial future. As tuition rates seem to be increasing every year at four-year colleges, students are becoming increasingly interested in community colleges and the prospect of graduating sooner for a lower cost. Our future blogs will provide you with useful financial planning information regardless of the academic path you took.

Career Success

Attending university should be seen as an investment. By enrolling in a higher education program, you’re investing in yourself so that one day, you can find a career that you’re passionate about. With the high cost of tuition, students are faced with an extra burden after graduating, but that doesn’t mean a successful career won’t follow. Read our blogs to learn more about finding the perfect career after graduating.

Student Loans

Above all, our blogs aim to teach you about the ins and outs of student loans. What government programs are in place to help you pay off debt? Do you qualify for student loan forgiveness? Can monthly payments be refinanced? We’re going to answer these and much more in our future blogs, so stay tuned to learn more.



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