With high tuition costs, the cost of living, and hundreds of other expenses you’ll be faced with during college, it’s hard to imagine there’s any room for saving money anywhere. While lowering tuition rates may be an impossibility, there are a number of other ways to make college more affordable. In this blog, we’re going to take a look some of these. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about student loan debt, give True Solution a call today. We believe all graduates should be debt-free during this crucial stage of their lives.

Avoid Buying New Textbooks

Most students are well aware of the high cost of textbooks. Although some textbooks can be affordable, there’s always that one that’s absurdly overpriced and makes your whole textbook shopping trip fall apart instantly. The solution? Don’t buy it! The good news is that there are plenty of websites and stores that offer used textbooks, and sometimes you may get lucky just asking around for someone who might have it. There are usually alternatives to buying new so be sure to consider all your options.

Don’t Buy A Laptop

Another thing students see as a necessary evil is buying a laptop before or during college. Like textbooks, there are better alternatives to this. Most universities rent out laptops at the library or student center and used laptops can be bought for very cheap. If you do have to buy new, however, make sure you check to see what’s out there. Low spec laptops are pretty cheap nowadays, but most retailers will try to upsell you on just about everything.

Don’t Eat Out

Many students live in dorms that don’t have kitchens. This is a problem if you’re someone who has liked to cook your whole life or at least be able to prepare something without going to a communal kitchen. On the other hand, if you eat at a university dining hall, this can often be just as bad. If you have a plan for getting the most out of your meal swipes, you may save a couple hundred dollars a semester. Otherwise, opt out of the meal plans if at all possible.

Contact True Solution

Do you have a plan for how you will pay off student debt after college? It can be nerve-racking knowing that you’ll be paying off debt for years after you’re done with your education, however, it’s the reality of life for many Americans. Our financial experts here at True Solution are prepared to help you reduce or even eliminate your student debt through government aid programs. Learn more about student loan forgiveness by giving us a call today!

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